Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Even though test preparations may be easy tasks for some people, others have a hard time preparing themselves to be fully confident to take a test.
Since I have test anxiety studying for me is a rather hard task because most of the times at the moment of testing I get sick therefore preparing myself for testing is quite difficult for myself.
My routine is like this; Before taking an exam my strategy is to make sure to ask for the important information that will be at the exam, for example, since I attend to an early College High School, I have college classes therefore I make sure to get a study guide and find the information I need for the given matter then I make a power point that has all the information and questions that are provided. I then study what I have in the PowerPoint and this is how I prepare myself. Most of the times I try to go to the library and listen to music while I read what is needed too, this relaxes me and gets me calm, or sometimes when I have a study guide I make a document in word with all the information and I review what I have learned and I highlight the things I feel unsure about to ask a friend to test me and help me learn fun ways to remember what I am missing on.
Even though I get test anxiety preparing for an exam is always something I try to do to help me boost up my confidence for when I’m taking the given test I can relax and know that in the end a test does not define my capacity of how much I known.

Melissa from Texas
High School Senior
Valle Verde Early College High School