Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

In order to be successful for the test, you have to first envision yourself being successful.

I begin preparing for a test by writing the date down in my agenda as soon as I am aware of it. From there, I carefully plan out over the next weeks how best to study. I'll review any assigned readings two weeks before the test, and do little practice quizzes to make sure I am not just memorizing the material, but also understanding it as well. Then, I review old exams from previous years (if available) as well as older tests I have taken in that course to see what kinds of questions might be asked and any old topics that could reappear that I may need to revisit.

I will also go see my teachers during Office Hours in order to cover any topics I am still unsure of and to ask about what kinds of materials I should really be focusing on. I'll also study with friend groups and do flashcards/talk through subjects together as well as work practice problems with them.

The night before the test, I lightly review any material I struggled with just to ensure I have it down. I make sure I go to bed early to get a good night's sleep. I wake up early enough to get ready without being rushed/stressed, to eat something, and get to my testing site early. I always come prepared with my lucky pencil, and I try to sit in the same spot each time. I picture myself doing well, say a little prayer for peace, and then smile to stay in a positive mood.

Finally, after the test, I review any questions I missed and try to figure out why I missed them. I also go visit my teachers and have them help me with the ones that I can't work out myself, and carefully file away old notes with the tests so that way I have them on hand for future tests. I never cram the night before or pull an all-nighter, and I only let myself think happy thoughts before the test in order to ensure success!

Rachael from South Carolina
College Sophomore
Clemson University