Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I didn’t always have the best test preparation skills or any at all at some point. However, as high school and college came around, I had to develop different routines for a variety of subjects because some of the courses I struggle with require more investment than others. My main test practices are: to complete any study guide available as if it is the test itself, calculate grades prior to taking any test to guide my efforts, and lastly, I read my notes three times before a test or final. Study guides may seem like a no brainer to complete, especially since the majority of the time in high school it counted for points. Personally, I try to complete the study guide by myself at least two days prior to any test, that way, if I have any questions or a study group is programmed the day before, I can go with questions to my peers or teachers and be productive. I never truly enjoyed studying with others because of the distractions, math is the only subject I can work in groups since it can get tricky at times. Next, my favorite thing to do is calculate the lowest grade I can get to still obtain the grade I want and the grade I desire on the test to determine how hard I have to study to succeed. I’m not saying that if I needed a C to pass with an A I would lag, this process helps me deal with stress and figuring out which classes I need to pay more attention to and either study, talk to my professors, or watch videos to ensure I understand the material. One of the most important things I learned about myself was that I retain content better when I study the day of the test; I don’t cram, but my lucky number is three. Nothing less and nothing more, plus it lets my brain prepare itself for what’s to come. Studying or looking over my notes presents an overall view of the material, the second time restates and fills any gaps I might have missed the first time and the third time confirms I know and understand every part of the study guide or notes.

Kayla from Arizona
College Freshman
University of Arizona