Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

In consideration of effective test preparation, I have a trained method that works very well. So many people in this world suppress the spiritual aspect of things. With all the technology and media we are constantly told to think analytically and logically. I however, take a more unorthodox approach when it comes to test preparation, while many take time reviewing and rereading material, I include the spiritual aspect of it all to help retain a better memory.

My routine is as follows: First I spend anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes reading from a spiritual text. For Jews this could be the Tora, for Christians this could be the Bible or the Book of Mormon, or for Muslims it could he the Al-Quran. What this does is influences the spiritual parts of our body and mind, immediately following the scriptures study comes the second step. This step is the key to this method. I diligently study the test material or do my homework. Reviewing course material and completing assignments. With spiritual arousal, I am able to retain information and recall it better.

With this method I can draw upon my spirituality to help me remember and understand the things learned in class and in personal study. I find this method very effective. On my first two tests in college I received a 97% and and 98%. In high school I got a 97% on a collage level algebra final. I know the method works for me and I would suggest it to anyone.

Jackson from Utah
College Freshman
Utah Valley University