Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Like most, it has not been an easy task for me to learn the best study habits. Through several agonizing years of trial and tribulation, finally, in my sophomore year at LSU, it clicked.
I slowly began to learn that repetition was the method of studying that suited me the most. There are several steps in my preparation for an exam, but if followed correctly, I seemingly always acquire the grade in which I am trying to achieve.
The first step in my preparation is quite simple. Make sure that you always attend class and pay attention. By paying attention I mean to take notes and try your best to keep up with the pace in which the professor is lecturing. By doing this I have the ability to begin grasping the information in a way that my mind slowly begins to get an idea as to what is being talked about.
After class is when I truly begin to learn the material. Once out of class, I read and re-read the notes that I took. I try to become familiar with the material until I can rephrase or summarize the lecture notes without having to look down and read them. If some of the material is hard to grasp, I highlight key words and re-read those particular sections until I know it like the back of my hand.
Once I have learned the material in the notes, I begin referencing back to the chapters where the professor lectured from. Reading through the chapters helps me to digest the notes from class even better by offering point of views other than my own.
Between learning my notes inside and out, and reading the actual text, I am able to become comfortable with the material after a certain period of time.
Quizlet is a website that enables students to make practice test using notes or other class materials. For me, I use both class notes and textbook information to make practice tests. Once I make a quizlet with all of the notes, I study it over and over until I get a 100 percent several times in a row.
This is my key to success!

Jonathan from Louisiana
College Junior
Louisiana State University