Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

As an early college high school student, I have been bombarded with quizzes and exams every week; there were certain times where all we did was test and didn't even have lectures. Because of these weeks, I was able to determine the best strategies and methods to better my learning.
I used to get bored quickly during class; thus I didn't pay attention, and at the end, I didn't feel prepared for the test. So, I decided to make my notes pretty, more than just writing on the paper, I drew and wrote in different fonts. As a visual learner, I developed a technique that allowed me to have fun while writing my notes which made me stay awake during class and when it was time to study I was able to remember the sketches and the designs that corresponded to the lecture. I like to think that I have a photographic memory so by making my notes in a way where I can interact and remember shapes and colors, it helps me a lot while I am taking my exam.
Another way I prepare myself for tests is actually not by cramming everything and studying. I have learned that the day before an exam, I get very stressed to the point where I am stressed about being stressed, and I end up not studying properly. Instead of staring at papers all day, I first make myself a fruit salad with chile and I go out for a jog with my dog. I destress myself by eating and exercising. It is scientifically proven that after doing physical activity, our brain gets more oxygen which is beneficial, as it gets better at learning and retaining information. As a biology major, I have seen that it is true and have adopted this habit as a way to help me prepare for an exam.

Valeria from Texas
High School Senior
Valle Verde Early College High School