Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

In the academic and grading realm, tests exemplify understanding and analysis. Test preparation is crucial to the outcome of exam grades. I have two methods that work best to ensure I master the material I am tested on.
The website, Quizlet lets students create flashcard sets. These flashcard sets can be studied in the traditional way of flashcards, typing out definitions or explanations when given a concept, multiple choice, and a practice test. Quizlet allows me to study various subjects in numerous ways. Another feature of this website allows students to search quizlets (flashcard sets) created by other students and teachers studying for the same subject.
Practice tests help me study and include multiple choice and free response questions. However, I create two practice tests for each subject I have a test on. The first test I take without studying to have knowledge of what I do or do not understand. The second test is taken after I study to view what I need improvement on. For example, in AP Government and Politics, I searched questions regarding amendments, the branches of government, court cases, and political ideals. The College Board website contains many multiple choice and free response questions from previous years and I use them to prepare for tests in the classroom as well as the AP test.
I use Quizlet the most and create practice tests when I am having trouble with a specific subject or when preparing for an AP exam. I study at least a week before the exam because if I find certain lessons difficult, I can meet with my teachers. These methods have helped me maintain my grades and have taught me time management and prioritizing.

Judith from Texas
High School Senior
Incarnate Word High School