Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Best Test Preparation Practices
In Bullet form

They say repetition is the mother of all learning. So an extremely valuable way to study for a test is to read, recite, and write material over and over again. Read at the stop light. Recite while in the check-out line. Write while you drink your Starbucks coffee.

You are only as strong as your weakest link. In order words, study the more difficult material more often than material you find easier.

Sleep on it. I have read material before bed and woke up the next day to read the same material again and it appears to remain embedded in my subconscious.

Ask for help. The Internet has a wealth of information. Youtube. Wikipedia. Teachers. Reddit and many more. You can search for any subject and find a teacher or someone who can teach the material in a way you fully understand. I find this very helpful when trying to learn complex topics.

Eat and maintain a healthy diet. Never study on an empty stomach or your focus will be divided between two masters, your stomach and your brain.

Audio. Some people are better at learning via hearing than reading. So find a way you can record or play the study material as you do chores around the house. I spend plenty of time roaming my home, so putting that time to use has greatly benefited me in my studies.

Flash cards. Take them everywhere. Read them often. I do this especially when I have to learn definitions and/or acronyms.

Lastly, pray. I think we have all said a prayer one way or another to remember the material we studied for.

Lawrence from Nevada
College Freshman
Western Governors University