Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test preparation is critical to success. In my experience, I have never failed after studying and preparing for tests. I used to have anxiety attacks before taking tests and even when I passed. To counter this debilitating test anxiety, I used color coding while taking notes and marked with sticky notes areas where I was confused or knew I needed to go back over. I studied throughout the week in small increments rather than all at once before a test. By doing this, I can put an emphasis on areas I know I need help on while reviewing what I know as a “reward”. Reminding myself that I know certain aspects of the material being tested boosts my confidence and makes me want to work harder to understand what I don’t know. For AP and college entrance tests, doing practice tests is immeasurably beneficial. Learning the structure and timing of tests makes it easier to be successful when the actual test comes because you know what to expect. Note cards are my favorite way to study because of their versatility. They can be used for straight memorization or fun games to mix it up and make studying more enjoyable. Variety is imperative to test preparation because you see different ways the material can be presented so you are exposed to a wider range of possibilities. More exposure makes you more prepared. I find it necessary to prepare efficiently for every test I take, be that an AP test or a regular chapter test. Without proper preparation, I wouldn’t be as successful of a student. With preparation, I feel as though I could take on any test or challenge.

Makayla from Ohio
High School Senior
Piqua High School