Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

The number one test preparation resource I use is my teachers. They know the content they are teaching and have always been more than happy to offer their assistance. Whenever I have a question, I go and ask them about it and they always have an answer. Textbooks are also essential in preparing myself. By reading through the book, and attending the class, I am retaining the information much more because I’m reviewing it more than once. There is also extra information in the book that the teacher might not have gone over. Former students of that class are also really helpful. I might just go to someone else in my major, or to a tutor. Either way, they took the class and know the information and different tricks to retain it. Flashcards and study websites are also extremely helpful. I have a study app on my phone and it is super convenient to pull out when I have some spare time and just study.

Molly from Pennsylvania
High School Senior
Northeastern Sr. High School