Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

The singular best way for me to make sure I know the information I need on a test is to hear the information spoken aloud. This can come in many forms, whether it be through teaching the information to another student, quizzing a partner and having them quiz me, or even plugging the information into Google Translate and having the program read it out to me.

I have always done my best learning in a classroom setting, where I am able to ask questions and have them answered right away, and when I need to recall the information later on, it is always heard as the instructor's voice, word for word as it was explained to me. This was the biggest sign that I was a primarily auditory learner, and I have based most of my study tactics around this knowledge. While having a computer program read information aloud to me works well enough, it doesn't compare to the effectiveness of reviewing with another person. As I listen to a concept explained to me by someone else, or as I listen to myself explain a concept, I lock away information associated with the current environment as well. This especially helps because when I can't remember exactly the piece of information I need, but am sure I reviewed, I am able to start with the location and events surrounding me when I reviewed that concept and let my brain's associative pathways lead me to what I need to recall. For example, I may have reviewed in the library, next to a group of members of the soccer team, and they were laughing when I was listening to my study partner go over this particular concept. Suddenly, I'm able to recall what my study partner said at the time and how they said it.

Lyly from Florida
College Junior
Stetson University