Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

It is said that getting into the right mindset is half the battle, I have found this to be very true in my personal life. If one wants to obtain success, one must first prepare for the success in the mind, then in the physical sense.

Firstly, using a good note-taking system is key for saving much last-minute crunching time. The Cornell Method, when used correctly, can help give a set of questions one can expect on an exam. When reading the self-imposed questions, put them next to the answer so it is quick to review.

After reviewing, the best thing to do is get the mind and body ready. There are multiple tactics to help with this.

1: Getting 8.5 hours of sleep - Sleep is the recovery and storing function of the brain
2: Drinking enough water and making sure the nutrients are sufficient - It really does make a difference when the body is taken care of
3: Meditation & Mental Preparation - The benefits of meditation are much worth the time invested.
I. For just 10 minutes, imagine all stresses floating behind you
II. Take as much time as you need to Imagine yourself doing your absolute best, allowing yourself to
genuinely believe you can do it.
III. Think of troubles you will encounter and how you will handle them. Question you don't know? Don't
imagine getting stressed, but imagine keeping it calm and giving it your all.
IV. Before you enter the testing hall, run some laps around the school building and tell yourself, "I am
here, and I got this." The reason this helps is to get oxygen to the brain while encouraging yourself to
do your best on the exam.
V. Wear a suit. It sounds crazy, but studies have shown that students who wear suits do better on tests,
this is because of the mental stigma associated with a suit. It displays confidence, character,
knowledge and class.

This is what I personally do before any major exam, I hope it can be as effective for others as it has been for myself.

Nathan from Pennsylvania
College Sophomore
University of Pittsburgh