Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

You know what they say: "A confident driver is a competent driver." No one says that-that is just something I made up (I always try to create life lesson quotes to inspire myself and others). But this is something I heavily believe in. Not only does it apply to drivers, but it also applied to test takers. It can be really easy to worry about getting the highest grade possible; striving to be the best student you can be could result in stress, sleepless nights, or even hair loss (I can relate to this). For me, it is best to take it slow. I'm not the kind of student that tries to cram a bunch of terms, definitions, equations, and concepts in one homework study night before a test. That's not how I'm wired; it is very counterproductive. My favorite test preparation practice to act as a sponge for knowledge: collect most of the information in class, and naturally get better at it through practice homework sheets. That's it. I've been doing this strategy for twelve years and I have maintained a perfect A/B honor roll (except for Algebra II but that's a story for another time). Just paying attention in class is the best test preparation practice a student could ever do. Attempting to learn the whole subject in a study session before a test is possible, but it's soul-sucking. Tons of homework is soul-suckling. Do you want your soul sucked? No? Then all you have to do is pay attention in class. Doing this results in stress-free homework experience,s which makes you a more confident student. And you know what they say: "A confident test taker is a competent test taker!"

Michael from Texas
High School Senior
Haltom High School