Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I would have to say that I think I have great test preparation practices, they work really well for me and I think others might benefit. As I have recently been taking psychology classes since my major is going to be psychology I have been understanding more and more how our minds work. Something I learned from my past psychology class was that it’s better for you and your brain for not only memory but so you don’t lose focus to not just sit and study for hours. So my perfect test preparation practice is if I have time to I will take the time and write everything I need to know on index cards. It’s not that I’ll read through the book but either way It’s really important to space out the time that you study. Even 20 minutes a day starting five days before the test has helped me so much more than cramming the night before. For those 20 minutes I really make sure to focus in and what I’m learning. This means no distractions and this is the one subject I’m working on for those 20 minutes. Then the next day if you have time maybe try to go over what you studied the previous day, and repeat the 20 minute study session. Since starting this my test scores have improved greatly and I think others will too if they try this out. I think the biggest reason this works so well for me is I seem to have a shorter attention span and not working on one study session for hours really helps.

Rebekah from Arizona
College Sophomore
University of arizona