Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

For as long as I can remember, I was a great student who was an attentive learner and understood the content. But when it came to test taking, I could never truly show what I knew due to the anxiety I had while taking them. As I went into my senior year, I began to get into some habits that have positively impacted not only the way that I succeed on tests, but also my outlook on them as a whole. The first step that I took was to start creating note cards to read through when I had some free time. I would include definitions, diagrams, etc. Anything to get the point across and include a memorization aspect. The information on this card would only consist of basic words and definitions so that I was able to build upon that knowledge later. Next, I started to think about the space in which I would study. Was it light enough? Was I too comfortable? Were there distractions? All of these questions seemed like minuscule details. In reality, these became some of the most important changes for my studying habits.The next time I studied. I opened the blinds to let natural light in, placed my phone in a different room, turned on relaxing music, and created a space that would give me the ability to focus. This became my new routine. After getting used to this new way of studying, I made a schedule. I have always been a creature of habit, so this seemed like the best course of action for me. I set aside 2 hours every day after school to focus on completing my homework and studying for upcoming tests. This gave me the ability to plan ahead and helped me to avoid cramming all of the information into one sitting. I would look at the syllabus, mark down the test dates, and plan accordingly. This plan worked out amazingly for me. It is truly incredible how much of a difference a few changes and a different mindset can make. I have carried these practices with me into college and it has impacted my grades in an extremely positive way.

Lukas from Colorado
College Sophomore
Red Rocks Community College