Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

There are many test preparations that I use that is helpful. Some of them are different or the same as other people's. The first test preparation is the traditional way. It is to study before the test and be prepared. I like to study a couple hours if it is a big test. I would study for 1 hour and then come back and study again for an hour and see if I remember anything. If I didn't remember anything I would study again and test myself again to see if I learned anything. This test preparation is good if you have a lot of time and you really need to study since you really don't know anything about the test. This is a really good method since it will help you remember what you need to know. The second method that I like to use would be to use flashcards and write important things down when you don't know them and then test yourself. This method is good if you have a test that deals with multiple answers or test that you need definitions for. This helps you remember the definition of the phrase or word since you can keep testing yourself. You can write the definition on one side and in the other side the word. Then you can keep testing yourself until you get it right. With this one, you can study right before the test and look at them really quick. This method is good for multiple choice answers since you can remember the answer towards it. The third test preparation would be doing a study guide. With the study guide, you can be able to do the questions and be able to know how to do it. With the study guide, you would do the similar questions and know what to do. The study guide is really good since it is similar towards the real test and you know about the test. When you need to know how to do something, you can always do one of those and it will help you with the test. This is a good way if you need to do something and learn something, you can do this. These are all good ways and should be still used to this day.

Alexander from Illinois
High School Senior
John F. Kennedy