Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I am applying to this scholarship because I lack the funds to attend all four years of college.
The greatest influences in my life are my mother, education, and self-drive to make myself better. My mom is one my greatest influences because she is hard working and determined. I am a first born American of immigrants. My mother was born into poverty in the heart of Chihuahua Mexico.
Poverty has greatly shaped my life. In my childhood, my mother had many low paying jobs to raise me, but she never gave up she went to night school and got her nursing license. I never knew how much food we would have on the table or if I would receive a present.
We had to move multiple times that was a big setback and challenge for me, I had to adjust to new schools. However, it made me stronger to be more outgoing and excel in my classes.

I aim to earn a bachelor’s in biology and continue my education in medical school.
As a biologist, there are many paths I can take to become a variety of occupations.
One that interests me is a bio medical scientist that researches ways to extend lives or soften pain from diseases.
I also wish to study in immunology to configure the immune system to prevent people from subsuming to dangerous diseases.
The Biological field as limitless potential in progressing the human body, allowing for enhanced medications and bionics. With my education, I strive to help the poor and cancer patients seeking to finally defeating this atrocious disease that has plagued the lives of many and ruined households. It’s time for this disease to end. I’ve witnessed it take away many people I’ve known from friends to relatives. I am applying to this scholarship in hopes of you funding my dream, allowing it to come to fruition.
I am applying to this scholarship to alleviate the burden on my mother who has been working all her life to survive and set foundations for my success. As a descendant of immigrants, I wish to carve in my family’s name into American history and pro

Chris from California
College Junior
University of California San Diego