Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test, you said Test - oh no there goes my brain!

This use to be me for any test, instantly filled with anxiety. However, going on my seventh year of post high school education, I have found the secret to no only diminishing my test anxiety, but also achieving scores I am proud of. The secret you ask - reviewing, testing, and reviewing.

Reviewing: After any class I make my own notes - these may be in depth or very wholistic. This step is important, as the material is fresh and allows you to design your own notes (essentially creating your study guide)

Testing: I have found that taking practice tests, whether those be an end of chapter review or online tests on similar concepts. This step is not only paramount is helping eliminated any testing stress, but also in testing your current knowledge.

Reviewing: This second reviewing is used to go over every question of the previous test(s). It is essential to review even the answers you got correct, and for those you did not - add notes to your previous notes so that you are able to understand the concepts better.

From here continuing to test and review. Come test day you will feel prepared and know no matter what happens you are trying your best!

JoLynn from North Dakota
College Junior
North Dakota State College of Science