Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I genuinely believe my studying methods are great since I have a high academic standing at my college. Some of the techniques I use were taught to me by my AP Psychology teacher at high school. He taught me to associate terms or definitions with objects to make it easier for my brain to remember the definitions. At first, I related terms with colors, but then I started to associate those terms with places like the cafeteria at my high school, and when my AP Psychology teacher quizzed me about those terms, I immediately remembered the cafeteria and for instance the definition of the word. This method is beneficial for me because it is a new way to learn things and to be stored in long-term memory because it is also fun and exciting.
Nevertheless, another practice I have done is to read all the information for my tests and then quiz myself by writing the answers to the questions. I am a visual learner, so when I see the data, I write it is easier for my brain to remember it. I firmly argue that working in groups is such a magnifique way to study and have fun because when they are more brains, there are more methods of studying and more support. Also, many times when I do not feel in a mood for studying but I know I have to study, I reward myself when I finish studying or when I finish a chapter of a book I have to read for a class. Rewarding truly makes a difference in my academic performance because I am more motivated to study. For example, I motivate myself to eat ice-cream if I finish the chapter and thoroughly understand the content.
However, the best method for me is studying for a test with multiple days before and writing the answers in different colors, like purple, green, black, blue because I already mentioned I am a visual learner and seeing this differences in colors attracts more my brain to put attention into the information processing. In conclusion, there are many different methods of studying, and all of these methods are useful to me.

Alessandra from California
College Freshman
Imperial Valley College