Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Athletes begin preparation for a big game months before it actually occurs, and I do the same with all of my tests. Just as an athlete slowly increases their muscle mass, skill set, and endurance over time, I do the same with my brain. No athlete worth their salt would tire themselves by having an intense workout the night before a game, and I will never fatigue my brain by pulling all-nighters or cram the night before a test.

The key to effectively studying is to learn and review material in small increments over time. I break my studying down into small chunks, reviewing my work every day for between a few minutes and an hour, depending on how long I need. I begin this process on the first day of every class, and within a few weeks I know exactly how much time I need to study for each subject.

By spacing my studying out and beginning early, I improve my overall knowledge of the subject. This is because I can study more intensely and improve my concentration. Through reviewing the subject material over a long period of time, I am able to better remember information and avoid procrastination. By beginning my review of the class material early on, I also quickly discover which topics I have trouble on and I have more time to ask my professors or classmates for assistance. Overall, studying more often for less time helps me stay focused, keep on top of my work, and retain information. I head into big tests prepared and well-rested, just like any athlete heads into their game.

Erika from California
College Freshman
Solano Community College