Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I used to be a last minute test-prepper but now that I'm in college, things have to be different or I wont survive. Now, I opt for studying at least 3 days in advance, hopefully earlier and a little bit every day. Now, it is usually boring for me to sit down and study for more than one session, so in order to make things easier, I print out past exams and write down all the topics that are tested on day 1. Then, I look at what sections the exam is going to be over that I didn't see on the older ones also on day 1. With a list of topics to study, I figure out the ones I don't understand completely and test myself with a practice exam and study the questions I get wrong and confused me a little. I repeat this cycle once a day until I feel confident in the my grade for the exam. I won't stop unless I get at least a 90 percent and the few I missed were just simple mistakes that I know I wont make again.
Another method I use, I can rarely take advantage of, because it requires that I be allowed a note card for the exam. However, I wont squander this opportunity when I get it once in a blue moon. On the note card, I obviously write the complicated formulas for math or physics, but I also take it a step further. Sometimes in a science class, like physics and chemistry, you have to make algebraic adjustments to a formula in order to solve for a variable. In these cases, I'll look over the past exams and anticipate which algebraic adjustments I would most likely be required to make and write those down on the note card to shave off some time I would have spent moving figuring it out.

Genaro from Texas
College Sophomore
Michigan Technological University