Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

There are some key guidelines that tend to work and hence make them great test preparation practices for most! Firstly, studying and test-prepping actually starts in the classroom! You have to pay attention in class. Not only that, but actually engage like ask and answer questions, participate in the educational activities, highlight, and - and I can’t stress this enough - take notes! Many think we can just absorb the information, and we can, but taking notes enhances your learning experience. We actually remember things better when we write things down so it is best to write rather than type things out. Annotating, adding details, dates, color, visuals, writing things out in your own words that you understand all help prepare you for testing. Start preparing from the beginning in the classroom.
Now, test prepping in school is a start, but we have to learn and prepare outside school as well. First, choose a nice, quiet environment where you can focus. It can be a café, your room (make sure you let family know that you’re studying and to not annoy you), the school library. I tend to study at my school’s library or my room. After my choice of location, I try to turn off phone notifications and put it away to not distract myself. I do not want to procrastinate! If you use a laptop to study, which I do, make sure to not have Facebook and other media like Youtube open because this will lead to procrastination that can get out of control. I either study in silence or study with non distracting music. Music that helps me focus and stay driven tends to be film score or game soundtracks; has a great sound with no lyrics. I’m a fan of online resources. I like to study any available flashcards, watch youtube videos on the subjects I’m learning, go to different educational websites. Studying these along with your notes really enhances your test preparation with a variety of ways to study, which ultimately helps you remember the material more. These tips should work for you!

Yarafah from Illinois
College Sophomore
wright college