Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Stephen Buchheit

Preparing for a test is very important because it refreshes all the information you need to know for the test. When I’m studying for a test I usually review my notes and look at the things I don’t know and I do a bunch of those type of questions. One of the best things to do is to make a quick review sheet of that days lesson and at the end of that unit when you have a test you take all of the little review sheets and put it into one big study guide and it should refresh your memory and allow you to do better. Also, another suggestion is to study with friends via FaceTime or other forms of video chat. That way, you are allowed to explain the work to one another if you don’t understand it and you can also show each other how to do the work if you use the video chat.
Preparing for a test is very important and relatively easy if you spread out the time you study over a span of a couple days. The best thing to do - which I mentioned before - is to make a quick summary of every day’s lesson and write down the things you didn’t understand or weren’t good at it. That way, you could either ask your teacher the next day in school or even look up how to do it on youtube or online. For me Khan Academy was a great tool to use when I didn’t understand how to do something in math. The guy who explains how to do the problem shows a step by step procedure and draws out how to do it. That way I was able to see how he did it and remembered his method.
Another great way to study is the use of flashcards. You could write any term on one side and the definition on the other side, and flip it over to test your knowledge. That is great for memorization for vocab tests and foreign languages. If you don’t have flashcards you could use the website Quizlet, which is one of the sites I used frequently when studying. With Quizlet you could type in the topic you are studying and a ton of flashcards with key words and terms pop up that you should use.

Stephen from New York
High School Senior
Tottenville HS