Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

For test preparation practices, there are multiple things I do to prepare myself. First, I hate online stuff, for some reason online studying doesn’t stick with me. I do hand written flash cards, just writing down words to remember certain things really helps tell the brain to store it in your long term memory. After that ill read up on what I’m trying to learn and prep for, now a days with everything digital, people don’t actually really comprehend and try to understand what they’re learning. For me, It really helps to truly understand what I’m being tested on because that way I can use common knowledge to answer my questions rather than memorizing answers which is a lot less stressful and has been pretty successful for me. After reading up on it, if I’m being honest I’ll put it away and not look at it again until the day/night before the test and the morning of. I do this because studying every day is not only stressful but repetitive. It leads to success studying the same stuff over and over everyday, but honestly nobody has time for that these days and it’s just as successful to review right before you take the test. Obviously everyone’s brains aren’t wired the same and everyone’s memory definitely isn’t the same, but reviewing right before a test helps me remember it a lot better. I can look back into my brain and it’s almost like I’m seeing a picture of the answers in my head and I can just write them down. I don’t stress a lot and I think thats the key to doing well on a test. I think the best thing a person can do for test preparation practices are to stay relaxed, have self confidence and to not overload yourself with information. Stress like this is not healthy and can cause you do to worse on tests even though you studied more frequently, timing and pacing are key.

Mikayla from Massachusetts
High School Senior
mansfield high school