Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Everyone hates testing because they fear failure. It can be hard to deal with this pressure at times, but having good test strategies can help relieve some of the pressure that students go through before testing. One of the most important test strategies is to study, study, study! A lot of students do not want to hear these words and would like an easier way out, but there is no way out of this. Unless you have all the questions and answers in you head, it is impossible to expect good grade without studying properly for you test. During my middle school days, my teachers would provide me with study guides so I would go home, study, and ace my test because they were both identical. Later on, it was not that easy. I had to study the notes I took in class and apply them to the test: however, I still aced my test because I used the strategy that had worked for mw for a long time. Another test prep. strategy that worked for me was finding out things that I did not understand before the test and asking my teacher. Some student may think it is a good idea to ignore these types of problems, but it is extremely important to know how to work or find everything that is going to be on the test. In all of my math classes, I would make a collection of problems I did not understand and I would show them to my teacher after class. The number one key is to make sure that you are both on the same page. Sometimes teachers may misinterpret what you need help on. But this is a perfect way to get test ready. I also like to use visual aids when I prepare for test. Visual aids help a lot because seeing things can be a better help than just hearing them. Making sure to take notes and most importantly, give yourself numerous examples. You don't have to write down ever example to teacher gives you. Just write down enough so that you can go home and study easily. I am a visual learner so I have to do this all the time, and it helps a lot. Last but not least, make sure to get plenty of sleep!

Brooke from Mississippi
High School Senior
New Hope High School