Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My test preparation practices involve first dividing the subject matter into different topics. On a Google Sheets document, I will list the name of each topic. The first day I will spend roughly ten to fifteen minutes on each topic. Not long enough to master the topic but enough to refamiliarize myself with each concept. In the Google Sheet boxes I will write down the date and color code the box (green if I feel confident and do not need to continue reviewing that topic, yellow if more practice is needed, and red if I need to spend the most time relearning the information). The next day I will spend about thirty minutes working on the red boxes and twenty minutes on the yellow boxes and then filling in the date and color again. I will usually spend at most one hour on a single topic because I find that forcing myself to switch between topics solidifies the concepts. By the last test preparation day, I will have all green boxes. Depending on how long the unit is how many days I spend studying varies.

I use the practice for all my classes so this year I have 6 Google Sheets created and different lists for each unit test within those classes. At the end of each semester, this method is really helpful for finals week because I can clearly see which concepts I initially needed the most practice on and review those topics more in-depth than another concept where it only took 1-2 review sessions.

In particular with my math and science courses, this method works really well because thirty minutes to an hour each day allows for just the right amount of practice problems. For history classes where content is more memorization based I use flashcards. Depending on how much time I have I will either create physical flashcards or I use the app Quizlet on my phone and review whenever I have the chance. I find that this method also keeps me accounted for my English class where each day we have assigned readings because the spreadsheet tracks each day.

Vida from Washington
High School Senior
Mercer Island High School