Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Hello I am a full time nursing student and I have learned a few great test preparation practices. When I am having difficulty learning something I will typically read it out loud and write it down at least 3-5 times. Flash cards are also one of my favorites! Although depending on the class math doesn't typically work with this method. I have found that watching YouTube videos or ordering one of the mometrix books really are great! It is actually how I aced my tabe entrance exam with the highest points that you can obtain on the exam. I feel like the book and videos offers a lot of different ways for someone who learns different than others to learn and really understand the material. I love how each problem is broken down and how your videos gives small tricks to remember the small details! I have also learned that when you are struggling in a certain area that it is always best to reach out as early as possible before you are to far behind. I use to be embarrassed and ashamed that all of my other class mates seemed to grasped things at ease without having to put in much time to pass exams that I had to study hours for and to just scrape by. I truly feel like the internet has so much help at just a click that most of my studying and test prep comes from watching videos and taking notes and highlighting key points. Acronyms are a huge life saver for me as a nursing student as well. I also find that just really taking the time to set aside daily in a quiet, relaxing environment you will retain a lot more. Also making sure you eat before a test will help you have less distractions because you will be more focused on your test then your growling stomach! If you need quiet to study and pass test/exams then its always a great idea to go to a local library or to take some ear plugs with you to class daily. For me I have found each and everyone of these things have truly helped me gain better understanding and help me feel more confident on those big test days. Thank you!!

Brandy from Oklahoma
College Freshman
Northeast tech pryor