Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Preparing for a test is not just about how you study, it also is how you prepare yourself to absorb information. I used to have pretty bad study habits in my first two years of high school. That all changed my Junior year. That year I took AP Biology, AP Government, IB English, and IB Spanish. After starting those classes I quickly realized that my study habits had to change. I used to cram and freak out the night before a test and despite it working before my first quiz in AP Biology proved to me how bad my study habits were. I never really studied before my Junior year, mostly because I didn't need to. I always did my studying with loud music and I was always distracted by my phone. To change my bad study habits I first tried to work in a quiet environment without my phone, but I found that to be just as distracting as me sitting there with my phone in my hand. I also tried watching videos that reviewed the topic I needed to study and took notes with the video. I also always used the study guides that my teachers gave me and reread any book or chapter that I needed with some instrumental background music so I wouldn't get distracted. These methods helped me immensely, especially in my AP Government class. One study tool that helped me a lot in my AP Biology class was to draw diagrams of something that we needed to learn the function or parts of. This method helped me out a lot for the AP exam and was one of the many reasons I was able to get a three. I also created flow charts to show relationships within the government and in court cases, this helped me study for my AP Government exam and helped me memorize the amendments of the Constitution that could have potentially been on the exam. In both my IB Spanish and IB English classes there was a large oral component and one of the ways I prepared instead of just winging it was to write out my thoughts and to practice with a friend. With these tools, I feel ready for college.

Talia from Ohio
High School Senior
Columbus Alternative High School