Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Now lets begin these test preparation practices. During class sessions it is always best practice to sit in the front. Sitting in the front will allow you hear and understand the professor clearly. While your sitting in the front make sure you have that good notebook and pen/pencil ready to take notes. I would also have the text book ready to go in order to read along and highlight the main areas the teacher focuses on. After a long day in class I would take the time to relax for a few. When returning home you should always review what you have written for that day. It is also good practice to read over your notes before going to bed. If you are able to do this daily you will have no problems when exam time comes around. Another great way to prepare for test and exams is to use note card. Note cards are a great source for memorization. For me I like to re-type in a word document or google doc everything I've learned and make my own personal study guide. Making a study guide will help you hit the key points that are needed during studying. There are so many different ways to prepare for testing. You can also gather with friends and make a study group, that way you guys will be able to learn from each other and learn so of the items that were missed. You will also be able to test each other on different questions and answers which is a plus. A therapeutic way to test preparation is relaxing, getting comfortable, listening to music. For me I like to listen to classical music while I'm studying. It keeps me alert but calm and focused. Don't overwhelm yourself, once you do that you tend to make mistakes. Make sure you are eating healthy and getting enough rest before tests. Drink plenty of fluid. It's also good to practice to stay in your routines before test taking. Try not to get off task and stay focused. Anything can disrupt your train of thought before test time. Make sure you have all required test taking materials needed prior and before class begins. Good Luck.

Mellisa from Virginia
College Junior
Virginia Commonwealth University