Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test can be extremely nerve racking, test show whether you are good at what you're doing or whether you need more work. There are only two outcomes with test and that’s passing or failing throughout my time in high school I have viewed test as something that is very important for my future. With that I was able to become a decent test taker and be able to not stress when it came to taking test, and with a few tips hopefully you are able to not stress and be great at test. First take notes of what you learn I am a firm believer in if you write it down you will remember it, writing it down also gives you a chance to remember the whole lesson just by a few key words. If you are not a great note taker write down a couple key words that may jog your memory on the entire lesson and it is a great way to save time, also if you hear something repeated in a lesson write that information down as it is most likely going to be on the upcoming test. I feel the worse enemy for test is stress and so before a big test I often try and calm myself down whether listening to music or just talking amongst friends before the test I try and not to study right before because it makes me feel as if I am not ready. Confidence is an important part to I realize if I enter a test confident that I have done my studying and learn the material I will be fine. For the next tip it is two nights before the big test I try and do be big study and review session whether that’s going through all my notes or having a study group to review material. I do the big studying and review session two nights before because I try and calm myself down the night before the test, the night before the test I do a light review maybe just asking myself test like questions in my head or reviewing index cards. My main goal in preparation for a big test is to create as lease stressful situation as I can because for me stress is not good and could lead to doubt.

Jaiden from Maryland
High School Senior
Thomas Stone High School