Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Unfortunately test are a large part of school. No one likes them. We all stress over them, however nonetheless we have to be able to do well on test and with that comes good preparation. To do well at test, they’re are many things you have to do to take them confidently but it all boils down to one thing: consistency.
The first thing you can do is be active and pay attention in class. Class is where you first receive the information. So it is important not only to pay attention, but to create a good note taking system to be able to later refer to that information. I make sure I take my notes the same for almost all my classes because it is the easiest way for me to process and put down new information to paper. It also important that I review these notes daily. Reviewing them daily gives me a better sense of what i'm studying and what I lacking confidence in. Then, once I know my strengths and weaknesses in the class, I go to the teacher and ask for help til I feel proficient. The teacher is a resource that so many students don't use for countless reasons and need to start. They know the information the best, and they are giving and grading these test so it is good to build a relationship as well as review with them.
After this, it is consistency. Practice the material in a multitude of ways in different settings. I cant always study in my room because I see my bed, and I want to sleep. Sometimes I'll study at the library, sometimes at school, sometimes at a cafe. But studying at different setting different ways creates better retention for the material. However the thing that helps me the best: study with friends! Sometimes the teacher isn't available 24/7 however your classmates are learning the same things as you. It is a fun and productive way to hang out, as well as they have strengths in classes you might not have and vice-versa. Being able to teach someone the material in a class is a very good checkpoint to how well you know the information.

Aseda from Pennsylvania
High School Senior
Lower Merion High School