Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

In High School, I would look over homework and maybe skim a study guide before a test and called it studying. My first semester of college I took BIO 151 and witnessed other students actually studying while I struggled miserably and barely passed the class. By the end of freshman year, I picked up some study habits that helped me get a near-perfect A in my Anatomy class and all A's in the rest of my classes. My best study habit knocks out two birds with one stone because it gets me to the gym. I lift weights for 45 minutes but in between lifts I study note cards. This works because to take a longer break I have to study more notecards... and I like to take long breaks. By the end of my workout, my body is pumping out endorphins, is re-energized, and stronger; and my notecards are closer to being memorized.
I quickly realized that in order for me to be prepared for or any test I would have to do more than just memorize. I needed to understand concepts as a whole (big-picture-type) so that I could work out an answer using my knowledge on a test. Most questions weren't asked using the same wording as my notecards. So to prepare for this I would ask my friends (that weren't studying that subject) to ask me questions from my study guide for me to explain the answer to them. If I could teach them the concept, when they are only halfway listening and not caring at all, then I must know my stuff.
My favorite study habit, of course, has to do with chocolate. This one is usually used late at night. I reward myself with a dark chocolate covered pretzel every time I flip a page, write a paragraph, get through 10 notecards, practice my speech, etc. Once I hit the end of the study session time frame I set (usually 45 minutes) I finish off the yummy snack.
I have come to know myself and my best study habits pretty well. I try to come up with new study habit ideas often and I try to study outside as much as possible. I'm improving, but, I am still learning how to learn.

Elizabeth from Oregon
College Sophomore
Azusa Pacific University