Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Everyone is different when it comes to preparing for a big test. For me, I tend to use multiple practices. When preparing for a big test, I like to meet with my professors or at least email them with any questions I may have. If there is still confusion, I then turn to my classmates. Not all professors will come out and answer your questions directly, so utilizing classmates is another way to help me understand the information for the test. Once I have cleared up any questions, I eliminate all distractions around me. A common place I find myself is the library. The library has been a safe haven for studying because there are minimal distractions. When in the library, I like to isolate myself and find a large space where I can spread out my notes and study materials so I can see everything and I put my phone away in my bookbag. Something that has helped me tremendously is flashcards. While studying my notes, I like to make flashcards as I go along. I put information I find important on there, as well as information I have a difficult time remembering. Flashcards are a great way to study because you can use them in different ways. Depending on how you write down the information, you could show the answer and try to answer the question or vice versa. It is also quick and convenient when you find some extra study time, but do not want to drag out all your notes. Sometimes studying alone can be difficult and unproductive. That is why study groups is another great test prep practice. Study groups have allowed me to interact with my classmates to help me understand the information I need to know for the test. Study groups also allow me to help other students understand the information better. Sometimes reading over your notes over and over does not get the job done, but if you are in a setting where the topics can be discussed there is more room for learning and understanding. This is a great practice, but it is important to remember to stay on topic to ensure success.

Bryce from North Carolina
College Junior
Guilford College