Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

As the exam approaches, I need to prepare my study guide. What I do is type out a list of terms I’ll need to know for the exam, then print it and fill it in. I don’t just write down the definition for each term, but every concept, idea, or person that is related to that term. This way every related piece of information is located in one spot for me to study. This is when my organized notes come in handy. I print the slides before class, write down the title of the slide on my paper, and only take notes on what the professor says. This way I’ll be able to easily incorporate the slide information along with what the professor says, on my study guide.
Also, when I’m studying, I’ll only go through a page at a time. Then I take a brain break. Usually, I just go on my phone for a few minutes, then go back to studying. When I do this, it keeps me more focused and determined. Having a small break gives me time to recharge and then jump back into studying.
Some more tips I’ve learned to help remember information is studying before I go to bed. If I study right before I go to sleep, I’ll wake up thinking about what I studied. It’s weird, but true and it helps! I’ve also found some ways to help with my test anxiety. One thing I’ll do is make sure I’m wearing something similar during the test, that I was wearing while studying. For example, if I was wearing a sweatshirt and flip flops while making my study guide/studying, I’ll make sure to wear a sweatshirt and flip flops while taking that exam. This way you are in the same sort of state you were in while you were studying the information. It calms me down and boosts my confidence while taking my exam. I’ll do the same with a drink with the same sort of idea.
Studying is a test in itself. My biggest piece of advice is, don’t be afraid to try new things. You never know what can help you and you won’t know until you try. You’d be surprised at how much changing the smallest thing in your routine can help your study habits.

Lorraine from Illinois
College Sophomore
North Central College