Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I like to say I am a visual learner. But when it comes down to it the best ways of learning for me is listening, writing it down and going back over it in my head. Memorization along with hands on practice and asking questions are also key factors. Listening and then going back over it in my head gives me a chance to visualize the material in actual circumstances that it may be applied and use in . Asking questions relevant to the topic being learned to make sure it's understood from various angles is yet another key factor. That along with writing it down and then going back over my notes to do some revising and condensing a few times means the more I write it down the more it's sticking in my brain. All of these methods together provides me a way to gather needed information and then sock it into an area of my brain for easy access later on. If all else fails at the very least read over the materials provided and try and apply it to an actual circumstance. Make it practical. I feel it's easier understood when you can visualize it in actual use.

Sandra from Washington
College Junior