Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

For me, great test preparation starts in class. Asking all the questions you have to your peers and professor will give you the confidence and knowledge you need to even start to prepare for the upcoming test. I always take notes during class, even if the professor doesn't directly state that we need to, I believe that having as much information as possible before a test can help further engrain the information needed. I often color coordinate my notes in regards to the importance of the information. For example, for vocabulary/keywords that a definition is given, I square off the definition in blue to show importance and separation from the other info. When it comes to information that is short answer or key concepts, I create a red dotted box around the information I need to study. I like to color coordinate my notes as I'm studying for a test because It helps me separate information, leaving it easier for me to focus on certain aspects of it without being overwhelmed.

Mark from Arizona
College Junior
University of Arizona