Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Preparing for a test can be a stressful process and I am one who worries if I studied enough. When studying for a test I re-write my notes with different colored pens. I change the color when I am writing something important or when I must remember it. If there are equations, I highlight them and what that equation is used for. If I am studying vocabulary words, I record myself. I first say the word, then give the definition, and once again I say the word. Throughout the following days I listen to myself and I read them over again. I keep my notes organized. For example, if two equations are similar to each I place them near each other. The most important thing I do during studying for a test is playing basketball. It sounds unusual but it helps me. I keep my notes, or note-cards, near me while I am shooting. When I know how simple it is, I do a layup. If it is a little more challenging I move further away from the basketball. If I miss my shot or I get the question wrong, I run up and down the court. It helps me focus on making sure I get the question right because I do not want to run.

Kwani Raquel from New Mexico
High School Senior
Menaul School