Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test preparation habits are crucial for succeeding in school, especially for college and in challenging classes. Therefore, I use a variety of studying techniques, including Quizlet, online practice quizzes to test my knowledge, and explaining concepts out loud to myself (or others) to solidify my understanding.

For me, Quizlet and online practice quizzes go hand-in-hand; Quizlet provides memorization practice and practice quizzes test that memorization and ability to apply the knowledge. It is also an organized study tool because all of it is online and does not require the tedious effort of writing flash cards and attempting to scatter them across the floor in a frantic study session or printing out multiple practice quizzes.

In addition to this, I also describe important concepts aloud. This ensures that I understand the material enough to explain to myself or another person. This habit especially works well when studying with others because it allows for bouncing ideas off of each other. Even when studying alone, talking aloud demonstrates that the material is making enough sense that is is possible to talk through it.

Therefore, my study techniques are beneficial because they are applicable to any subject and can be done alone or with others. In order to ensure confidence in the materials at varying levels, using Quizlet, practice quizzes, and discussing concepts out loud provides the practice necessary to succeed in a wide range of classes.

Justine from Indiana
High School Senior
Perry Meridian High School