Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My number one test taking preparation practice is to study the night before the test, and review an hour or so before the test. When I was younger, before a big test my mom would give me a stick of gum and say that if I studied while chewing this flavor of gum, and chewed that same flavor while taking the test it would help me remember what I studied. So, ever since then when I study the night before I chew a stick of gum and take a piece with me to school the next day to school Another test preparation I use is making flash cards to study with. I always try to sleep really good the night before an important test so I won't be focused on how tired I am when I am testing. Also, I eat a good healthy breakfast before I go to school to test, so I won't be focused on how hungry I am either.

Cassi from Texas
High School Senior
Hallsville High School