Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Hunter McMath

Test Preparation Practices

Many have their own test taking preparation practices. We have all heard of the flash cards, diagrams, and those late nights trying to memorize EVERYTHING, however none of these ever worked. I have searched and tried many methods to help but nothing seemed to do it for me. Finally I realized it, I needed my own way of doing things that would help during the lesson instead of scrambling to catch up, so on the first day of class I'm already preparing for any test including the final exam!

Note taking is very important when preparing for a test. This also involves listening to the teacher and not messing around, to do so serves only as a distraction to you and anyone that is trying to work. Now you can’t listen to the teacher if you are not there in class so attendance is also a must, the worst thing is missing a day of school because the next day seems like another world and you’re unable to understand anything.

Another tip is asking questions, this not only helps you but anyone that also is struggling, now this is a bit more difficult due to the fact that no one wants to look like an idiot for not knowing simple answers, however how can you possibly grow your understanding of a subject without asking questions? Also, no matter what you do in life you will have to ask questions in order to be successful!

Lastly and what I do the most is self-assessment, to know what you can and cannot do is extremely important, this is no time to flatter yourself on how amazing you are, there is a test in a few weeks! In this time figure out what you are familiar with, and to practice what you're not so good at, study groups can help, you may just need someone else to explain in a way you can understand. Most likely you have no idea what the test is over so it's best to be well rounded as much as you can. While mastering one concept is important it also brings weakness in other concepts.

Hunter from Tennessee
High School Senior
Lewis County high school