Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When preparing for a test, the simplest way to start is to write notes by hand. It is slower than typing but engages the mind in the content of what is being written. With the same idea, handwriting notecards is one of the first things I do when preparing for a test. I go through my class notes and write down questions about the material or definitions of important words. My mind remembers writing down the information and then I get to go through my notecards. I first start with them in order that the information was presented in class. Once I have gone through them a couple times and feel comfortable on the material, I shuffle the cards and try again. Shuffling the cards is important because I’ve found that I remember the order of the cards and anticipate the next card. Most tests do not have questions in order but instead have them in a random order. By shuffling my notecards, I am better preparing myself for the layout of the test. I continue to shuffle my cards multiple times to continue to test myself. Another way I study for a test is reading back through all my notes. This helps me to review topics that I either forgot we went over in class or I don’t understand as well. If I am still stuck on a tricky topic, I will reach out to classmates or my professor for help. I often like to study with classmates before tests because we help each other to learn different topics and may know beneficial things that the others do not. My professor is a great resource because they taught the material and are writing the test.
Test preparation doesn’t stop after I’ve taken a test (especially if there is another test coming up in the class). I will often review my previous test with my professor. I want to make sure that I am understanding the material; good grades are important, but I’m taking the class to learn about the topic. I believe my test preparation practices are one of the main reasons that I have been a successful student and I will continue to improve them.

Elizabeth from Oregon
College Sophomore
Oregon State University