Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Hi everyone my name is LaTyra Griffin and umn36yrs old with three sons. The reason I can back to school is because I never graduate high school because I had a hard life dealing with family issues.So I said let me look into getting enrolled in school so I did go do everything I had to do to get in school and when I started it was like wow I still think tell today if I wouldn't of going get my bed I wouldn't be able to get in college are fine a good high paying job and also teach my kids not to be a school dropout like myself at the age of 16yrs old .I have some great test preparations from taking down notes watching videos to get ready for my tests and also going to tutoring and getting a lot of hands on training from my teachers and helpful resources to help me pass and keep pushing me forward until I'm shouting be a graduate in December 2k19 thx to momentrix academy for all yall helpful videos and test prep for tips on everything I need to prepare for my ged tests and getting me ready for college courses.

Latyra from Louisiana
High School Senior
South Louisiana Community College