Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When preparing for tests, words on paper can start to blur. My brain doesn't recognize the difference between a psychology textbook and the twenty verse poem that I need to study for my literature class. After a while, tunnel vision sets in and I've read two pages and have no idea what they say. My solution to this is making things personal. My best study processes are either related to my teachers or to my self. I read through my handwritten notes and can immediately remember the way my professors worded certain concepts, and their personal illustrations always serve to demonstrate ideas most effectively. If I have a teacher's permission, I also choose to record lectures from time to time. I listen to them when I'm jogging, drawing, or have some other activity to help me maintain just enough stimulation so that I actively focus on the playback. This technique is really useful for subjects that I typically struggle with, or on days in class when I know I'm not at my peak performance as a student, such as when I am sick or mentally tired. The final method that is most effective for me is to personalize my subject matter. This is easily applied to subjects like history and psychology. When finishing a chapter that covers events during the industrial revolution, I may take a moment to close my eyes and imagine myself living at that time. When I learn a concept from psychology such as self confirming bias, I then reflect on the way I see this pattern in my own life. Thus, I not only learn information, I also apply it and allow it to shift my perspective.

Johannah from California
College Sophomore
Western Governor's University