Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

With numerous AP exams quickly approaching during these next few weeks, it is important to always prepare for these sorts of tests. My way of studying has helped me to become pretty successful in my years of schooling. Step 1: Panic. There's just no way of getting around this stage but some studies have proven that stress can be a good thing and it at least shows that you care enough to worry over it and want to study. Step 2: Take out all the notes that have the information needed to study and make flash cards, quizlets, review games, etc. with them. Once I get past the initial panic stage and begin to calm down, I take out all of my notes from the sections that will be on the test and I typically make a quizlet set but I also do other things like flashcards and review games. Quizlet is such a nice tool because I can study in many different ways that are best suited for myself. All of this should be done at least about 3 days to a week in advance so that I have enough time to really process the information that will be on the test. Step 3: Practice Practice Practice. The saying "don't stop when you make the first basket, stop when you can't miss" is very true for this step. I keep practicing and studying until I cannot get anything wrong no matter how many times I review the material. Step 4: Go and Crush It. I give myself positive affirmations that I can and will succeed on this test, any by doing so, I give myself the confidence to face the test head on and know that I have the knowledge to be successful on this exam because of how hard I worked to study.

Meredith from Virginia
High School Senior
Highland School