Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

As my high school career comes to an end, I would like to share the best test preparation practices that helped me become a high schooler graduating with academic honors and summa cum laude. Fortunately, it all starts from the classroom. In a classroom, teachers teach and students learn. When teachers start a lesson take out a notebook and pen. Taking notes help you remember the lessons and as the student, you can refer back to it. Organize your notes through color coding, highlighting, or underlining. Keeping your notes organized will help you remember the information written down. Writing notes is a form of memorization. Also, on the side you can write down parts that you didn’t understand or have questions about. Thats when teachers come in. I know teachers can be scary or seem not to be in the students favor. BUT, teachers job is to teach and help all students in their studies. Schedule a meeting or ask for some time after school to get help on the lessons, classwork, homework, or etc. If you’re confused ask questions or say that you’re completely lost. Being honest helps because the teacher will know where you are at and how they can help. Making the time and showing the effort that you want to learn, comes in your favor because then the teacher will want to help you. Teachers give advice on how to study because they are the ones making your test so you should listen to them. After you understand the lesson make flashcards either with index cards or through a website called quizlet. I use quizlet the most because it creates multiple study games that help me become more engaged in studying. Make a study guide too because having flashcards and study guide not only helps you study for that one lesson, but helps when you’re studying for the end of the year exam. Lastly experiment studying alone and then studying with friends. To learn whether you study better by yourself or with others.

Fumie from Hawaii
High School Senior
Henry J Kaiser High School