Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Not only does the process of test taking require endless hours of preparation, but can be the source of sleep deprivation and lead to potential high levels of stress. Within the first few months of high school, students quickly learn the necessary and crucial task of studying. Thankfully my school required a “college preparatory” class for all freshmen in attendance. I learned the tedious task of essay writing and effective note taking of multiple lectures types. Studying has never been my strong suit, but I always seemed to squeeze by with decent grades. Currently I am a sophomore in college, and I have found an effective/efficient way of studying and retaining information. Due to my title of a millennial, I was given the gift of procrastination, therefore my test preparations begin the day before the day of the test. Being a morning person has enabled me to get most of my work done in the first half of the day, leaving amble time for sleep later. To begin the study session, I pull out the PowerPoint slides with notes taken through the lecture because in most times, if the professor did not cover the topic it is not as important as the rest of the materials. After briefly going over the slides, I watch any videos related to the material, if any. My favorite tool throughout my educational experience has been Quizlet, allowing you to access pre-made flashcards on any device which gives the ability to study at every free moment. After finishing a chapter or an extensive section of the material, I integrate five-minute breaks into the session usually after thirty-minutes. Throughout the day and the next day during the hours before the test, I use the flash cards to refresh my memory and go over key terms and/or ideas that won’t stick in my brain. My method is definitely not the most efficient for other people, but I work best under pressure. All notes are taken prior to the test study session giving me prior knowledge on the concepts and materials.

Caitlyn from California
College Sophomore
California Baptist University