Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My test preparation techniques revolve around the class I’m studying for. When I took my AP Biology course, I used the in book practice tests and Quizlet flash cards to study concepts and terms. In my history courses, I read the book and took note of any graphs or captions that lined the pages. During math studies I always need a friend or buddy to bounce ideas and formulas off of. Math in particular is not the easiest course for me so practice sheets found online or through previous handouts are my essentials. In English, flash cards and online summaries of readings help keep me refreshed in between the time of the test and when we first read some work. Language courses consist of Quizlet time and vocabulary and vocal review. It’s one thing to know and memorize a word but it’s another to memorize how to use it in dialect or proper formatting in sentence structure. I like to review practice worksheets and past, future, conditional, imperfect, perfect, reflexive, and habitual structures before the unit tests. In all of my courses I take notes and read out of the books given. The books provide different approaches from what the teacher’s lectures often give, so I receive multiple teaching and learning styles and techniques. However, in the days before official testing I go back to my friends since my learning style is often through information I gather from friends, notes, lectures, and the book. My essential information often comes from the thought processes of others to see in new perspectives and find new study or memorization techniques. I learn from visuals and from what people say. I like to do what I learn on paper in front of someone so they can correct me or I can teach them which will reinforce the concepts I, myself, am learning. I learn from repetitive conditions where I can recognize old concepts in new situations.

Lauren from Washington
High School Senior
Curtis Senior High