Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Some of the test preparation strategies that I try to apply are studying a little at a time, de-stress as much as possible right before and while taking the test, as well as making sure that I know the amount of time that I am allowed on the test.
The first reason stated, studying a little at a time rather than cramming the night before, helps me to retain it. I am a busy person, so I often carry flash cards with me. If I have a few minutes I can pull them out to practice and review the concepts that will be on the test. This helps as I am constantly reminding myself of the concepts and going over them in my mind, rather than just looking at them the night before the test.
Another thing I do to help prepare for the test is de-stress as much as possible. Tests can be stressful. I have had tests, that I did not too well on because I had so much anxiety. The anxiety made me unable to focus on the questions. I have learned to try and bring myself to a calm place before I begin. I clear my mind, and I pray. This helps me manage that stress. While taking tests, I often do get overwhelmed and I often have to mentally take a step back and remember to just focus on the problem that I am looking at. The last thing that I do to help me prepare for tests is to know how much time I will have on the test. Knowing how much time I have, helps me to know how I need to study. Do I need to practice the questions in a certain amount of time? If so, that can change the way I study. Rather than just learning and knowing the concepts it changes it to be, being able to work through concepts in a certain amount of time.
I have been going to school for a long time, and have taken many tests. I have found that over the years I have become better with test taking. I have gotten more practice in taking tests and became better at it, as I have studied a little at a time, de-stressed and have become aware of how

Rebecca from Utah
College Junior
Western Governors University