Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Throughout my years as a high school I have learned the importance of studying and how much it benefit me to be able to succeed and build more confident when it comes to having a test or quiz. When it comes to studying my best strategize that has help me the most is creating new problem and testing myself, for me when it comes to studying it’s very hard for to have the motivation to set a time to study. But overtime I was to use this strategy. When it came to math which is class that came very hard to me, I would have a study group with me and we would create problem and work them out and explain the process of what we needed to challenges yourself if we knew. To me, even though it was hard to challenge myself, I was still able to go beyond myself and use this study strategy because even though it was hard for me, to face that I didn’t understand. It has allowed me to build more confident working with other people and talking it through because the best of learning is facing your challenges and going over that. I hope to be able to use this over my time when enter to college in the future when I face hard classes and when I need to study for my midterms or finals.

Jocelyn from California
High School Senior
Samueli Academy