Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When preparing for tests, I love making flashcards as well as just rewriting important information. Rewriting things and reading it over while I write it helps cement the information in my brain while I make a study guide or flashcards I can then study from. I enjoy using flashcards, especially on the app, Quizlet, because I can figure out what I need to focus on when I am studying and make piles on the flashcards accordingly. Also when studying, especially in history or when I am being quizzed on a book, I like to make a timeline of the information and then writing everything I know about every main point. Then, I will go back to my previous notes to see if I am missing any important information, which would then go on my timeline, but in a different color to distinguish what I already knew and what I need to work on. As for math classes, I prefer to just continue doing practice problems because they more practice I have with concepts, the more comfortable I will be with the formulas and techniques.

Natalie from Pennsylvania
High School Senior
Red Land High School